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California Is High Risk for Seismic Events

For years, California has been on the list of states at the highest risk for seismic events. There are dozens of fault lines in the state of California, from Oregon to the border with Mexico, and even an event far from you could trigger subsequent events along nearby fault lines. Therefore, earthquake insurance is imperative if you own property in the Golden State.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your homeowner or commercial property insurance covers earthquakes. Earthquake protection requires a separate policy or endorsement, which our independent agents can obtain for you. Should the worst happen and an earthquake occurs in your area, you would not have to pay the full cost of repairing damages or rebuilding out of your own pocket.

Get the Earthquake Coverage You Need

If you decide to purchase earthquake insurance, it’s smart to ask a few questions because policies can differ greatly:

  • What specifically is reimbursed by the policy?
  • Does it cover alternative living expenses (loss of use) if your home isn’t habitable during rebuilding?
  • How is the deductible calculated?
  • Are there structural modifications you could make to your property to minimize earthquake damage and reduce insurance costs?

Earthquake insurance deductibles are figured a little differently than other policies and are usually a percentage of the coverage limit. There may also be separate deductibles for different structures on your property, such as a detached garage or guest house. Swimming pools and landscaping may not be covered.

Typically, all seismic events within 72 hours are considered one event when filing a claim. Fires, mudslides, and ground shifting are often covered. However, tidal waves and tsunamis that result from an earthquake are not.

If you’re interested in learning more about earthquake insurance for your home or business, call Circadian at 925-417-8500 or send us a message online. Living in California is fabulous, but you’ll enjoy it more if you know your property is covered in the event an earthquake ever causes damage.

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