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Homeowner Insurance in Brentwood

Your Home Is Your Greatest Asset -- Protect It Properly

Brentwood, like the rest of California, has seen its share of storms and unpredictable events in recent years. What would you do if your home were damaged and needed serious repairs or reconstruction? Most folks aren’t able to pay for that out of their own pockets, which is why homeowner insurance is essential.

In the event of fire, most natural disasters, vandalism, or theft, your home is protected by a homeowner insurance policy. Not only is your structure covered, but your furnishings, electronics, appliances, clothing, and other belongings are protected as well.

Many homeowner policies today also pay for loss of use coverage, also known as alternative living expenses. It picks up the tab if you are forced to live elsewhere while your home is being repaired or rebuilt.

Consider Extra Coverage for Special Situations

Our independent agents in Brentwood can expand on your basic homeowner policy with extra coverage you might need for certain scenarios.

Scheduled Coverage to Protect Valuables

You may want extra coverage for high-value items, such as antiques, artwork, collectibles, jewelry, firearms, furs, and precious metals. Scheduled coverage charges very little to protect these items.

Earthquake Insurance

You are probably aware of the high earthquake risk in Brentwood. Since a homeowner policy does not cover earthquakes, it’s wise to consider an earthquake policy or endorsement in case the worst happens.

Flood Insurance

California sees a wide variety of weather extremes and natural disasters, including flooding. Ask us about flood insurance if you’re concerned about rising waters and storm surges.

Umbrella Policy

A typical homeowner insurance policy will cover you with limited liability for injuries on your property. However, a personal umbrella policy gives you far more liability protection at a million dollars or more. Anyone can benefit from this protection, but we think it’s a must for our Brentwood customers who are high-net-worth individuals or who own dogs.

Ge in touch with Circadian at 925-417-8500, or request a quick quote with our easy online form. You will like knowing your greatest asset has been protected in the event disaster strikes.

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