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Are You Putting Your Business at Risk Without Insurance?

No matter what size business you own, business insurance is a must to protect you from legal liability and financial ruin. Common threats today can put you, your employees, and your assets at risk:

    • 1. Vandalism and theft
    • 2. Fires, storms, and natural disasters
    • 3. Legal judgments for damages
    • 4. Injuries and loss of life on the premises
    • Vehicle accidents

Most businesses don’t have the financial reserves to weather these types of challenges. That’s why we at Circadian offer a range of business insurance options for you.

What Kind of Information Do We Need to Provide Business Insurance?

To make sure you get the policies you need with adequate coverage, we want to have an accurate picture of your one-of-a-kind business. We’ll ask you some questions about the following to tailor coverage to you:

    • 1. Business location
    • 2. Type of industry
    • 3. Size of payroll and number of employees
    • 4. Vehicles used in conducting business
    • 5. Workplace training and safety procedures
    • 6. Special insurance needs, like valuable equipment
    • 7. Your roadmap for the business’s future
    • 8. Past insurance claims

What Types of Business Insurance Are Available? Property Insurance

Like a homeowner policy, this protects your business structure and its interior. In case of damage by fire, natural disaster, vandalism, or theft, your property insurance pays for repairs, reconstruction, and replacement. We also recommend adding earthquake insurance in California and, in some instances, flood insurance.

Business Auto Insurance

You need business auto insurance (versus personal auto insurance) for any vehicles used by your company, whether it’s a single delivery van or a fleet of trucks. Business auto insurance covers anyone who drives your business vehicles and also covers employees when they rent vehicles for work.

General Liability Insurance

This type of insurance covers you if someone is injured at your place of business and wins a legal judgment for damages. Also known as commercial liability coverage, general liability insurance can be customized to cover things like discrimination, wrongful termination, and errors or omissions. Depending on your size, type of business, and assets, we may recommend adding even more liability protection with a business umbrella policy.

Workers' Compensation

Both you and your employees are protected by workers’ compensation coverage. It pays for medical expenses, long-term care, disability, and lost wages if a worker is injured while on the job.


Bonds are designed to protect your enterprise when making promises or contracts are inherent in conducting business. If someone fails to fulfill their promise, your company would not be financially ruined, such as if a subcontractor leaves your general contracting business in the lurch. While bonds are most popular in construction and the trades, they are also used by public officials, accountants, and other types of professionals.

Get the Business Insurance Coverage You Need Today

Your business is the result of your hard work and investment. You don’t want to risk closing your doors by not having the right insurance coverage. Call us today at (925) 417-8500 to talk about your unique needs, or reach out online for a quote. Our independent agents have hundreds of business insurance products for you, and we can give you the personalized service you won’t find with those big insurance companies.

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