Homeowner Insurance

Your Largest Investment Needs Protection

California residents know that unpredictable events, like weather extremes, have become the norm here. To protect your largest investment, your residence, homeowner insurance is a must.

We encourage homeowners to have homeowner insurance, and it’s probably required by your mortgage lender as well. Most folks don’t have the financial resources to repair or rebuild out of their own pockets after a serious storm or fire.

A homeowner insurance policy covers your dwelling in the event of many disasters, as well as vandalism and theft of property. The contents of your home are covered as well, including furnishings, appliances, electronics, clothing, and other personal effects.

You can also select a homeowner policy that pays for alternative living expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable. This is also sometimes called “loss of use” coverage.

Extra Coverage Gives You Greater Peace of Mind

At Circadian, our independent agents can write extra coverage for you too, in order to cover items not typically included in a homeowner policy.

Scheduled Coverage for Valuables

Protect your jewelry, artwork, antiques, collectibles, furs, firearms, and precious metals with scheduled coverage for a nominal fee.

Earthquake Insurance

Science experts and government agencies agree that California is at high risk for seismic events. You can add a separate earthquake policy or endorsement to your homeowner policy with ease.

Flood Insurance

Some areas of California are particularly susceptible to flooding. You can purchase flood insurance to cover your home in the event of flooding from common events like storm surges.

Umbrella Policy

Your homeowner policy will provide limited liability protection for incidents like slip-and-fall accidents on your property. An umbrella policy provides even more liability coverage, usually up to a million dollars and sometimes even more. This is a smart addition for high-net-worth individuals and dog owners.

To purchase the right homeowner policy for you, reach out to Circadian at 925-417-8500, or use our convenient online form to request a quote. You will appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing your largest investment and your personal property have the protection they deserve.

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